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Oh My Aching Back: The Spine Benefits of a Breast Reduction

Oh My Aching Back: The Spine Benefits of a Breast Reduction

by Natalie (SU)
Are you dealing with chronic upper back pain? And if you are and you’re pretty sure it’s because of the size of your breasts, how long have been thinking about doing something about it? Well, you’re not alone. Nearly 1 million women in America suffer from chronic symptoms related to large breasts. It’s not just back pain. They complain of neck and shoulder pain, a feeling of breast heaviness, numbness or tingling in their fingers and wrists, difficulty exercising, skin problems, and eventually posture problems from the constant strain of carrying such a heavy load. Many women don’t address it until prompted by their primary care doctor, but there is no reason to suffer in silence. In most cases, breast reduction surgery, or a reduction mammoplasty, can be easily performed, with minimal risk. However, the benefits are significant when you end each day without an aching back.

Breast Reduction Surgery

by ih-est admin
Breast Reduction (also known as Reduction Mammoplasty) is surgery to reduce the size and reshape your breasts in the result to proportioning them to your body. Moreover, to diminish the physical and emotional discomfort, and improving your appearance.