Telemedicine in Plastic Surgery: What We Can See Online

Telemedicine in Plastic Surgery: What We Can See Online

by Shearly (SU)

Once upon a time, family doctors and other medical specialists used to make house calls. If you couldn’t make it to the doctor’s office, the office would in effect come to you.

But those days are over … or are they?

Today, access to your doctor or specialist is literally at your fingertips with the advent of telemedicine, the remote diagnosis, and treatment of patients via telecommunications, such as your personal computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. Telemedicine is revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare by enabling you to meet with your doctor at home, at work, or any other secure, private location.

Here are just some of the ways telemedicine is transforming patient care – especially in regard to plastic surgery:

·      It enables face-to-face consultations and faster diagnosis and treatment about an issue requiring aesthetic or reconstructive surgery.

·      It provides easy access to your physician if you’re having trouble making it to the doctor’s office due to mobility or transportation issues, business schedule, or illness.

·      It provides an easy way to get a second opinion from a doctor in the same practice, or anywhere in the world, before moving forward without the time-consuming hassle of traveling to various clinics.

·      It offers total convenience with complete privacy.

Face to Face Care

Telemed capabilities allow doctors to work with patients virtually. For plastic surgery, this is especially valuable. Are you concerned about healing? Is something not quite right after a procedure? How better to explain your concerns to your doctor than by using your smartphone or tablet to have a live, one-on-one conversation where you can not only describe your concern but actually show the doctor? Telemed makes follow-up and dialogue with your plastic surgeon more realistic and convenient than driving across town, scheduling multiple office visits or trying to describe something to a voice answering machine.

With office locations in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Boynton Beach, and Naples, the Atlantic Center of Aesthetics & Reconstructive Surgery also offers remote/distance visits to diagnose and treat patients online through Healow a free, secure app.  Get a second opinion by one of our surgeons by simply scheduling a virtual doctor visit.  Plus, our plastic and oral surgery specialists can meet with you at a time most convenient for you, rather than you having to come to our office. If you'd like to schedule a telemedicine appointment or are in need of a second opinion, please book that appointment now. If you’d like to schedule an in-office appointment, call us at (954) 983-1899