Why Patients Opt for Laser Hair Removal

Why Patients Opt for Laser Hair Removal


We’re incredibly fortunate here in South Florida to have summer weather nearly year round. When the climate demands shorts and tank tops, you can pretty much rule out “No-Shave November.” And while shaving and waxing can leave you with that sleek, clean look, it can also leave you with cuts, bumps, rashes; plus those waxing sessions and days at the barber shop start to get a little price over time.  That’s why men and women, not on only in South Florida, but across the nation, are opting for laser hair removal.  But what exactly is laser hair removal?  Is it really permanent?  Does it work for everyone? Does it hurt?  

Despite these concerns, laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic services for men and women. Here are a few reasons why patients opt for laser hair removal.

It’s Extremely Effective

Laser hair removal treatments have been proven to be effective for a wide range of skin and hair types. Though the results do vary from patient to patient, most people are more than satisfied with the results of decreased, slowed or no hair growth. Plus, the pain is minimal and there’s no side effects experience by the patient.

It Saves Money Over Time

The cost of the procedure may seem pricey, especially since it’s usually the cost of all the treatments you’ll need over the span of months. However, in the long run the procedure actually saves you money from paying for wax treatments, razors and shaving cream. Plus, many centers that offer laser hair removal also offer payment plans.

Saves Time and Embarrassment

Again, the procedure will take time from your schedule initially. But once your treatments are completed, you’ll have so much more time on your hands. No more hours in the shower finding every nook and cranny where hair could be hiding, or painful wax or threading appointments. With laser hair removal, you can be spontaneous by not wishing you had shaved or waxed before opting to bare some skin. That’s always a benefit!

Eliminates Unsightly Bumps

One of the major issues with shaving and waxing are the tolls they take on your skin. Shaving can leave behind razor bumps that cause ingrown hair, which are not only itchy, but can get infected and can be painful. Nicks and cuts are unsightly and painful.

If you’ve decided you want to be beach-ready all year long, look into laser hair removal for yourself. It may be the best decision you’ll ever make.

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