Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Body Contouring After Weight Loss


What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a name for any number of plastic surgery procedures that people get done after major weight loss. Losing a lot of weight is really healthy and increases the quality and longevity of your life. However, major weight loss that happens quickly can result in excess skin all over the body. Many people seek body contouring after losing a lot of weight to get rid of sagging skin to make themselves look better aesthetically. Millions of people get body contouring done and get great results. Body contouring helps your body look younger and beautiful, helping get your desired shape and fit. Although weight loss can be done for a variety of reasons, one reason is to feel beautiful and good about yourself. After major weight loss, body contouring can be a big step in reaching this goal.

Types of Procedures

There are many types of body contouring procedures that you can have done. The type of body contouring you seek depends on where you have excess skin that you would like to remove. Everyone has different problem areas on their body that they want to fix. Your plastic surgeon will be able to guide you on which procedure is right for you.

-        Facelift – A facelift involves getting rid of excess skin on the mid-face, neck, or jowls of the face.

-        Breast lift – A breast lift involves fixing sagging breasts due to major weight loss.

-        Tummy Tuck – A tummy tuck removes excess skin on the abdomen.

-        Arm Lift – Arm lifts remove sagging skin on the upper arms.

-        Medial lift – This type of body contouring involves removing excess skin in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

Risks and Complications

Like with any surgical procedure, body contouring surgery is not risk-free, and that is why it’s important to get the procedures done by a reputable and experienced surgeon. Some of the risks that can happen are infection, blood clots, scars, and excessive bleeding. Since you will need anesthesia for any of these procedures, you may also have some anesthesia risks.

The Right Candidate

Body contouring is perfect for individuals who have a stable weight and no medical conditions that would hinder the success of surgery or the healing process. Although these are serious risks and complications, your surgeon and anesthesiologist will work to determine if you are the right candidate for body contouring surgery. They will evaluate your medical history, your lifestyle, and set your expectations accordingly. If you are the right candidate for body contouring surgery, your risk for complications will likely be very low.


Your recovery time will depend on the type of body contouring procedure you get done. Because the procedures are surgeries that involve anesthesia, incisions, and stitches, the healing process can take several weeks. Some procedures may require a hospital stay but procedures such as arm lifts can be performed at outpatient centers. You will definitely need a loved one to help you for the first few days following a body contouring procedure. The exact time you will need to take off from work and rest at home may be shorter depending on the type of procedure you get, and how smooth your healing process goes. Your surgeon will be able to guide you on what medications to take to help with the pain and steps you should take to make your healing process as smooth as possible.

If you are interested in body contouring after successfully losing weight, make sure to find an experienced and reputable surgeon who you can trust with your body. The experts at Atlantic Center of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery have a lot of experience performing many different types of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Call 954-983-1899 today to make an appointment and learn about all the possibilities out there for you.