Spinal Benefits from a Breast Lift During a Mommy Makeover Procedure

Spinal Benefits from a Breast Lift During a Mommy Makeover Procedure

by Yenny (SU)

They say nothing is greater in this world than becoming and being a mother. Unfortunately, giving birth causes your body to have some unwanted changes. Therefore, a mommy makeover can help, and while the name has the connotation that it is just for mom’s, that is just the common name given for the group of procedures associated.  The reason being is that a mommy makeover can help restore the body back to its pre-baby days; giving you the confidence and beauty you desire, but are just having trouble achieving. However, this isn’t just a procedure that turns back the clock, it can also provide other health benefits. For example, lifting sagging breasts might help with chronic back pain.

A good candidate for a mommy makeover is someone who has had a baby or has lost a large amount of weight, and is willing to have multiple surgeries to target multiple parts of the body. A mommy makeover commonly includes three procedures: a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction. These three procedures target the breasts, tummy, and thigh areas. After giving birth, you can be left with loose and sagging skin, on both your stomach and breasts. 

During a mommy makeover, a breast lift is done in conjunction with a breast augmentation. A breast lift is a procedure that does not involve the process of putting in implants. This procedure is called a mastopexy, and is used to lift and tighten the breast tissue that you have, so that your breasts have a more natural and appealing contour and shape. As women age, pregnancy and other factors can cause breasts to sag, droop, and leave you feeling less confident. The breast lift surgery will help lift up the tissue so that your breasts appear firm, perky, and younger looking. A breast lift may, in some circumstances, include placement of an implant, depending on your desired results.

Your chronic pain in your lower back may have nothing to do with your back, but everything to do with your breasts. A mommy makeover can help. The weight of your breasts can result in stress and pain of your back and neck. You will be feeling confident in no time. So, one of the added benefits of this procedure that aims to smooth and tighten your body to a desired form, is that you may experience less pain associated with having heavy and drooping breasts.

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