Plastic Surgeon: From the Perspective of a Former Model Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon: From the Perspective of a Former Model Plastic Surgeon

by Natalie (SU)

Why Have Plastic Surgery?


There is no one correct answer for this question. Each person who decides to have surgery comes to it with different life experiences, different needs, different goals, and different ideas about aesthetics and beauty. Dr. Yates knows, better than most, that the most important thing about the answer to this question is that it is genuinely yours. As a former model, she understands the pressures of pleasing others. Agents, industry professionals, and the public all have different expectations, placing demands on the appearance of their models. She wants to make sure that you understand the reason for your decision, and the potential affect it could have on your life.


Maybe you are an actress or model. It is ok if you are making a business decision. In this situation, Dr. Yates has the experience to guide you in your decision, while still reminding you that it’s ultimately your body that you are changing. She wants you to feel comfortable with your decision and the results. On the other hand, if this is purely a personal decision, she will still want to discuss the reason for your desire for surgery – what in particular you want to change, and what expectations you have. Are you feeling pressured to change your body, or do you genuinely have something you are unhappy about? Plastic surgery will alter the way you look, and it has the potential to improve your confidence; it is not a cure-all for all of life’s woes. Keeping things in perspective is an important part of your preoperative evaluation and counseling.


Is Perfection…Perfect?


What is beauty? This is a timeless question, and one whose answer can be fleeting and elusive, and perhaps never right. What you might consider perfect may be too much or too little for someone else. And whether it’s facial surgery, breast augmentation, or body contouring, true perfection can seem unnatural. So, finding the right physician to counsel you in the very important decision of plastic surgery can mean the difference between being happy with your results and regretting your decision in the first place. This is an important decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. Dr. Yates can help you approach the topic from a number of different perspectives. As a former model, she is aware of the many cultural aspects of beauty and the choices available to you. As a woman, she will have the empathy necessary to make your feelings, wishes, and opinions the focal point of any proposed procedures. Finally, as a physician, she has the expertise to evaluate your body and provide you with realistic expectations.


As a Woman and A Doctor


Studies have actually shown that it is sometimes easier for women—and even men—to discuss what they consider personal and/or embarrassing flaws regarding their bodies, with a woman. This discussion is very sensitive by nature, and one that should be done in an environment that feels safe and nonjudgmental. It becomes an even greater factor after a woman has had a baby. Once her body has changed, and her focus turns to motherhood first, this can be a delicate decision involving a myriad of emotions. However, regardless of the circumstances, opening up and revealing what you consider to be your greatest flaws is an extremely vulnerable position to be in. And you are having this conversation with a complete stranger.


You need someone who will listen, be compassionately honest, and give you realistic options. With her unique background, Dr. Yates has the ability to make you feel at ease, while feeling confident that you are receiving expert advice.


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