Facial Fat Grafting

by ih-est admin

Fat grafting (also known as Fat Transfer) is the transfer of fat from one area(s) and injecting it into another. This is a cosmetic procedure that restores or adds volume, and can also be used in reshaping and recontouring.

Facial fat grafting can be transferred to various regions of the face. Basically, it can be used anywhere to help contour the face and restore volume (e.g. to the under eye bags, cheeks, deep furrows in the brow area, acne scars, lips and areas around the chin, mouth and temples). Fat transfer is also being used to restore symmetry to individuals with facial malformations.

If there are creases located on certain facial areas (e.g. laugh and smile lines, crows feet, etc.), fat can be removed from places such as the abdomen, thighs or other areas, and then transferred to the face. Other areas that can be addressed and filled in by fat grafting are acne scars, sunken facial areas, lips and cheeks. Facial fat transfer is also used in minimizing lines between the nose and mouth, correcting skin depressions and indentations and minimizing forehead wrinkles.

After this procedure, there may be improvements in facial color and skin tone. This is due to the fact that living stem cells are being added to the fat grafted areas. Lastly, this procedure looks, feels and is completely natural. This is because it comes from your own body!